Our history
a family business

More than a century of expertise

The history of the Brandigi Company and family started long ago in a small village in Tuscany, and continues still today, around the entire world.

The history of our Company and of the Brandigi family is closely-related: it all started more than a century ago.
It is about people with great ideas, keen dedication and incredible foresight.

Each Brandigi that has founded and then maintained the Company has always believed in their intuitions, devising first and creating then.
They were able to find the potential in their inventions and engineer the best technologies to meet the demands of the market.

To this day, we are able to meet the demands of the global market owing to our family heritage of creativity, technology and expertise.

The Brandigi brothers “fabbricanti di seggiole”
tosi (reggello) (1920)

The Brandigi brothers
“fabbricanti di seggiole”

The Brandigi brothers, born in the small village of Tosi, used to produce hand-crafted, prestigious furniture, chairs above all. They soon stood out for the quality of their raw materials and for the accuracy of their work, which led to receiving prestigious awards around the world.

The Brandigi brothers “fabbricanti di seggiole”

Down the path of innovation
Ranieri Brandigi, together with his son Teodosio, invented and manufactured a machine for the automated production of cords in marsh grass which were used for seating chairs. Until then, the cordini were exclusively manufactured with great sacrifice and low production yield.

Down the path of innovation

first marsh grass machine (1936)
The first patent

e congegni

cord machine patent (1940)

The first patent

1937 was a turning point for the Company. The first industrial development of the production system was activated , event which will be consolidated with the registration of the respective patent (“brevetto dell’innovativo macchinario” 1940). More importantly, 1937 was the year that Teodosio was blessed with a son, Carlo Brandigi.
The factory in Sant’Ellero
Given the increasing demand of cords in marsh grass and of paper yarns, the Brandigi Factory moved to Sant’Ellero in Valdarno, where the train station was close and the construction of a bigger factory was possible.

The factory in Sant’Ellero



The industrial development

The Company grew day by day until it became the employer of a 100-people staff, one of the greatest industrial entities of the area at that times.

Modern production plants were designed and built by Teodosio Brandigi and his son Carlo in our mechanical workshop.

Their work brought the Brandigi family great success and various patents, acknowledged worldwide.

The industrial development


The farewell of Teodosio


Carlo Brandigi

Once Teodosio retired, his son Carlo, always attentive of change, continued managing our Company, making it a strong and innovative industrial role model.

A family tradition

Filippo, Carlo’s son, joined the Company thrilled to follow in the footsteps of his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather. With this new entry, the family business reached its fourth generation.

Gioconda Cippi Loggiali, the wife of Carlo and the mother of Filippo, still works beside her son and contributes to the management of the Company with great dedication.

A family tradition


To this day, we pursue technological research and we improve our production means to meet the demands of the global market and, more than anything, to offer our clients the solution they seek. 

Carlo Brandigi srl, nowadays

Carlo Brandigi srl (nowadays)

chapter III

The inventions of Teodosio

Throughout his life, Teodosio Brandigi has developed many innovative machines and tools, which were eventually patented. 

Twisted paper yarn spools for automated paper bags machines

The spools are large-sized, with continuous thread and centralized unwinding.

Load capacity of the main transport vehicles with our spools of twisted paper yarn

Half truck km. 2.184 (26 pallets of 84 km.)
Full truck km. 4.368 (52 pallets of 84 km.) 
Full 20”box container km. 1.848 (10 pallets of 168 km. + 2 of 84 km.)
Full 40”h.c. container km. 4.032 (48 pallets of 84 km.)
Full 45”h.c. container km. 4.368 (52 pallets of 84 km.)

Standard pallet

Spools : 8 (2 levels of 4 spools each)
Total km for each pallet: 84 km
Dimensions: cm 105x105xH.120
Weight: about 400 kg
Stackable: yes

Special tall pallet

Spools : 16 (4 levels of 4 spools each)
Total km for each pallet: 168 km
Dimensions: cm 105x105xH.230
Weight: about 800 kg
Stackable: no