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FSC® certified paper-based products

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords for paper bag handles

Twisted Paper yarns for paper bag handles also called “Shoppers”

Our twisted paper yarns are FSC® certified and adapt to all types of automated paper bags machines present on the market.
Particular technical measures make our paper yarn soft and smooth, and enhance the performance of our machines. We can produce FSC Mix credit certified or FSC Recycled certified twisted paper yarns according to the client’s request.

Our standard colour chart consists of 21 different colours, but we are able to produce any colour from the variety Pantone U, with a minimum order.
We use exclusively water-based ink and water-based overprinting varnish on our flexographic printing machines.

We do not use any ink or solvent which pollutes the environment.

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords for baskets, chairs and furniture.

Twisted paper yarns to create gift baskets and interlacing of baskets, or decorations in general.

Twisted paper yarns and 3-plies paper cords for stacking chairs, and their frames, with colour and measurements variety, for either classic or modern furniture.

Complete variety of 100% paper-based products both for the automated chair stuffing machines and for handmade stuffing.

100% plastic-based three-strand cord for washable caning, water-resistant for exterior design.

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords for glass and ceramics covering and wrapping

Twisted paper yarn used for covering glass, to give the bottle more character and to make it pleasant to touch. 

Two reusable materials like glass and paper could not be better matched. 

wisted paper yarns and paper cords used for binding in agriculture and floriculture

Twisted paper yarns suitable for binding round straw bales or for binding of vineyards , in horticulture, floriculture.  

Since the product is 100% paper-based, it is very easy to use, very resistant to the weather and completely sustainable. 

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords used for weaving

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords suitable for weaving with automatic looms and producing paper-based fabric. 

Subsequently, it is possible to produce bags, hats, shoes, car backrests, technical fabrics, fabrics for interior design and so on. 

The characteristics of paper make paper-based fabric as soft as leather, and with a similar colour. Furthermore, paper-based fabric is very resistant and long-lived.

The intrecciato fabric with filato di carta is a very hygienic and natural material, so pleasant to touch.

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords used for binding and food packaging

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords used for binding and food packaging in dairy and cured meats production

For this use in particular we choose paper of pure cellulose, suitable for being in contact with food and known to be resistant, flexible and able to face humidity.

Twisted paper yarns and paper cords for the creation of electric cables

We produce twisted paper yarns as a filling material for creating or wrapping electric wiring. The twisted paper yarns can be of various measures.

Twisted paper yarns for binding waste paper balers.

Exclusive twisted paper yarns extra strong for binding waste paper balers.

In certain situations it can be advantageous to replace iron wire with it: 

  • Better safety for the worker that has to cut the iron wire to open the balers 
  • It is possible to throw the paper balers directly into the pulpers together with the paper thread that binds it
  • Total absence of iron material to dispose of   

Expensive press opening equipment are not needed, since the paper balers can be directly thrown into the pulper, saving money on machines and labour costs. 

If the opening of paper balers is done manually, the risk of the worker being hit by the iron wire is high, whereas if the paper balers are bound with twisted paper yarns extra strong, there’s no thread to cut because the paper balers are thrown in the pulper.  

Paper cut in rolls

To the eight slitting machines of our own designing, a ninth industrial slitter and rewinder was added to be able to use paper rolls of 1250 mm. of width and of 1200 mm. of diameter

Not only this slitter and rewinder processes semi-finished products for our production, but it also produces paper cut in rolls for clients that need certain measures.

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Twisted paper yarn spools for automated paper bags machines

The spools are large-sized, with continuous thread and centralized unwinding.

Load capacity of the main transport vehicles with our spools of twisted paper yarn

Half truck km. 2.184 (26 pallets of 84 km.)
Full truck km. 4.368 (52 pallets of 84 km.) 
Full 20”box container km. 1.848 (10 pallets of 168 km. + 2 of 84 km.)
Full 40”h.c. container km. 4.032 (48 pallets of 84 km.)
Full 45”h.c. container km. 4.368 (52 pallets of 84 km.)

Standard pallet

Spools : 8 (2 levels of 4 spools each)
Total km for each pallet: 84 km
Dimensions: cm 105x105xH.120
Weight: about 400 kg
Stackable: yes

Special tall pallet

Spools : 16 (4 levels of 4 spools each)
Total km for each pallet: 168 km
Dimensions: cm 105x105xH.230
Weight: about 800 kg
Stackable: no